Picking up the signs of the new eating

Avatar photo Daniele Tirelli3 December 2020


The consumer world’s description is undoubtedly dominated by a prevalence of symbolic projections created and reinforced by various forms of communication. Thus, for instance, the high-tech and fashion sectors seem to fill the attentional space of opinion-makers and business community leaders when they are engaged in interpreting future consumption trends.

There is, however, one sector, the food sector, which outperforms those mentioned and others in terms of innovation and dynamism. The perpetual, vital relationship between man and food is far from weakened by the homologation of customs. On the contrary, it is immensely rich in surprising behavioral manifestations of an unusual socio-anthropological and economic interest.

Traditional and globalized foods are changing at a rate unprecedented in human history and, what is more, the pace accelerates. The relationship with foods and drink changes daily, but unlike other sectors, it varies according to processes that are, at the same time, incremental and alternative.

Today we know that living things also change, reproducing, both according to the Darwinian radical speciations or mutations, and in Lamarckian logic, that is, through progressive adaptations to environmental stresses.

Disruptive innovations, therefore, together with continuous adjustments of the existing. And this is the inspiring concept of the term Evolvation (evolution & innovation) applied to Food.

In order to get down to the pragmatic field of marketing, the managers of industrial and commercial companies should therefore take note that if there are more and more speciations, that is, new surprising product formulas (think vegetable meats, free-from products, etc.) even more numerous are the micro-mutations of the countless variants of products already known, enhanced or adapted to the more specific and unusual preferences of consumers.

To all this must be added a third type of purely cultural innovation: the magnificent, impressive, evocative fusion of food traditions today allowed by creating a “village,” increasingly global.

The phenomenon described is of such complexity that the economic agents involved in carrying out their mission in search of maximum profit need to update their cultural background. They must memorize and above all learn the motivations that push their customers to make choices escaping from the routines imposed by the homologation of large brands and the floods of old-style advertising.

Food Evolvation is a cornucopia of fabulous opportunities and terrible threats at the same time. For these reasons, we believe, first of all, that the documentation, analysis, and research work that we propose to a wide audience has its own recognized usefulness constituted in the first place by this newsletter.


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