Totino’s FaZe Clan Buffalo Style Chicken Pizza Rolls

Avatar photo Daniele Tirelli14 September 2022

Totino's FaZe ClanBuffalo Chicken Pizza Rolls Main Image

As part of an ongoing multiyear partnership, iconic General Mills frozen pizza product brand Totino’s and professional e-sports and entertainment organization FaZe Clan have now teamed up to produce a highly requested Totino’s pizza roll flavor: FaZe Clan Buffalo Style Chicken. Developed to create flavors that gamers love, the co-branded item is delivered in a mess-free format and ready after just minutes in a conventional oven, toaster oven or microwave. Totino’s FaZe Clan Buffalo Style Chicken Pizza Rolls will launch at retailers nationwide in July with a suggested retail price of $6.22 per 24.46-ounce 50-count package.


Avatar photo

Daniele Tirelli

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