Breast or thigh? It is no longer a drama for the chicken Copia

Avatar photo Marilde Motta1 Dicembre 2022

Plant-based food is meeting a growing success because recipes are increasingly accurate and tasteful, besides this food is healthy and suitable for those who need to lose weight.

In UK, although the great traditions in different kinds of meat (pork, sheep, beef), innovative companies are making their way offering vegan products, among these Meatless Farm makes clear, starting from its name, the purpose: give up animal meat.

Their chicken-no really chicken is offered in two references: chicken breast and chicken roast. Both products are vegetable-based and about the chicken they preserve only the name, the texture and the traditional cooking recipe.

In Meatless Farm website, for each product, the complete list of ingredients is available (main ingredients are: peas, wheat, vegetal fibres made from bamboo), the company grants the product is soy free.

Moreover, the company presents a great variety of chilled and frozen products, ready meals (just add a quick baking) and the “grab&go” line, that is ready for a tasteful snack on-the-go.

It is interesting to remark how the recipes of Meatless Farm take in due consideration a variety of ethnic as well as traditional cooking, giving a nod to the Italian cuisine.

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Marilde Motta