Savosardo i savoiardi morbidi di Fonni

Avatar photo Daniele Tirelli8 Maggio 2023

In Fonni, in the wild and beautiful Sardinia island, there is a long tradition of cooking biscuits called Savoiardi. The name comes from the dynasty of the Savoia kings, who rule Sardinia and the Northwest part of Italy, and that established the first kingdom of unified Italy. Contrary to the well-known version of crispy biscuits used to prepare cakes, the Sardinia savoiardi are soft and richer in eggs. Therefore they could be anytime delicious snacks to dip in the o caffelatte. Giovanni Moro is a small company preserving and adapting the tradition to modern retailers’ requests. It is another good example of how traditions, when are spread outside their original environment, become innovation or food evolvation. (Daniele Tirelli)

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Daniele Tirelli